The World is a Stage and YOU are my Tragedy

Once upon a time in wonderland,
There was once a woman with life so grand.
Until her beloved turned and walked away,
Her kingdom now began to break down, dead and burned.
Love is not bought but it is earned.
Heart break is something painful and all she felt was hurt.
We owned the earth, the ocean, the light
I was your Princess and you were my dearly beloved confidant.
Not a soul dares challenged our iron might.
Together we ruled both brightest day and darkest night.
Now I’m running out of time.
With each and every rhyme,
I want you to hear the chime,
Of my war drums at their prime.
Tell me once again, that single little thing.
That left the biggest burn, the biggest wound.
The bloody knife that struck down the Princess
who was left with nothing but still with a burning love,
is also the same instrument that used to break her soaring wings.
And with every “I love you” that you took for granted,
Was placed upon a pedestal to be disenchanted,
But only because of the seeds that we’ve planted,
Was this love brutally slaughtered and slanted.
You nearly killed me; my heart was ripped and torn.
Blood rolled like rain drops on a rose’s thorn.
And in my dying hour, breath was filled with scorn.
You left me to embrace death as you walked away.
Dead by dawn with just one bullet in the gun.
I could see it rising, the hate not the sun.
I couldn’t lose yet, I wasn’t nearly done.
No shadows to hide in, so run, run, run.
My back is yet marked from where you clawed.
Nothing but a choice of pain and suffering
but still with a burning love –not perfect but flawed.
It was only at the end that you tore off the façade.
I ask you now my Dearly belved, where are you now?
So now your heart sings the sparrow’s song,
No devotion to one, but just going along.
I thought I was right, but you proved me wrong.
Well I never needed you to be strong…
Now, I have just one thing left to say.
I’m sorry my Love that we lost our ways.
But in the end, I will save that day,
Because the Princess that you have left will forever stay.

2 thoughts on “The World is a Stage and YOU are my Tragedy

  1. A tale of a tragic kingdom, Lady Faith, I for one, am disheartened of the story, but as a contemporary knight of the Order of DeMolay/Knights Templar/, I salute the flowery words of grief that your story had brought upon me, still the bitterest ordeal one must suffer…

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