Life does things to you. Actually no, you do things for life. Sometimes you calculate it all and it comes out all premeditated. It makes sense. You visualize it, you analyze it, and you do it. You’re proud of what you’ve done. You hope for the best.Yet, sometimes you do things and you don’t really think about it. It’s like you were partially blindfolded. You have no idea what’s going on behind the blinds, but you think you’re on the right path.

 People make mistakes.

 I’ve made too many.

Where does this leave me? Who have I become? Am I still the same person? Am I really making the same stupid mistakes all over again? Did I calculate this? Or was I partially blindfolded?

I actually don’t know anything anymore. I walk aimlessly and I fear the next step.

What have I done?

I didn’t want to be here again. I didn’t want to be “that woman.” I didn’t want to have to write in this anymore. I didn’t want this “inspiration,” but here I am…
I’m back.

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