A Page of Good Thoughts

I just realized that my daily routine more than a month ago is like a cup of coffee that is unpleasantly bitter, lacking in nice creamy flavor milk and sugar. Imagine waking up two hours before your work schedule and battling your way through a traffic jam, walking from the point where you got of the vehicle, and reaching the office like a sweaty pig because of the scorching afternoon heat . Indeed like a cup of coffee – a cup full of passionate rants and nonsense rambles.

Until one day (a.k.a. the other day), I realized that this kind of habit is completely draining my good energy. So I suggested sharing good thoughts instead of our usual noisy negative talk, to which my friends replied:

Friend 1:Ako masaya ko kasi napaginipan ko si Zac Efron

Friend 2: Nag-inuman kami ni crush nung Friday tapos sabi niya crush niya din ako. Hihi.

Friend 3: Tinanghali ako ng gising pero di ako na-late sa work!

Friend 4: Yung crush ko dati, crush ko lang pero ngayo ka-sex ko na! Myyggaaahhd!

Me: Nag-123 ako sa jeep kanina pero di ako nahuli!

LOL instant mood lifters!

So, to pick my spirits up, I tried to think of more good thoughts all day like:

  1. The feeling I get when removing a bra after a long day’s work
  2. Planning a trip because DECEMBER has not one, not two, but THREE non-working holidays (Christmas, my birthday, and New Year’s eve)!
  3. Having the time to finish a good book despite everything else
  4. Skipping workout for two weeks and letting my lazy ass be lazy
  5. Being stranded in front of a cheap salon that offers foot massage for only Php 99 pesos. No umbrella = foot massage.
  6. Sincere “how are you”s
  7. Realizing it’s already Thursday and weekend is coming soon
  8. Exact amount of coins to pay for the jeepney ride
  9. Someone to look forward to every single day
  10. “Blast from the past” songs that I downloaded just recently
  11. New underwears
  12. The feeling I get whenever the clock strikes 1:30 am during Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays
  13. Working with some people who lights up my mood during stressful shifts
  14. Sleeping under a warm blanket during rainy evenings
  15. Vacation Leaves

Fun times. I think I should do this more often and stop sucking up. I should look up and smile sweetly.

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