Shell As Hard As Steel

A social theory that made much impact to me during my studies was the Iron Cage Theory of Max Weber. With the increasing modernity, men tend to get trapped in the rational order. My own interpretation of the theory: Man becomes enslaved with the bureaucracy of social expectations that he forgets to live like a human person.

Life is short. Live it up.

And though money is necessary in this life, personal relationships should never be disregarded in this age of modernity.

hindi naman ako mayayakap ng trabaho ko kapag nalulungkot ako e… hindi ko naman madadalang alaala ang pera…


To my dearest,

I am getting so sick and tired of your decision makings about not knowing what you really want or which road to take, but I always endure… I’ve always been the one who take things according to your will. And let me tell you this: We are having our own time at PRESENT. Do not live in the PAST where it is GONE and OVER. Do not be haunted by what you have left behind for it is done. You may not realize it but in your pursuit of all the things that you wanted to happen that involves your past, you unconsciously take the most precious things at present for granted. You may not accept this fact but it is for real.

It was so cold last night and my back was hurting that I did not sleep well. In between surges of consciousness and unconsciousness, I may have dreamed of you beside me, your arms wrapped protectively around me.

How well do I wish that I was not alone.

And I am keeping as much faith as I can. Though it’s taking you too long, I know you will come back home and tell me that everything will be fine.


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