The Theory of Communicative Silence

The best and one of the most unforgettable classes I ever had was the lectures of Prof. Josephine “Pepin” Aguilar in Sociology. Although I hadn’t taken up previous Sociology subjects prior to that, I never appreciated the theories on society as well as I have during her classes.

Within the four walls of Room 103, everything has reason, all can be explained. Detaching ourselves from the rest of the world, we sat by our desks as critical viewers of society, analyzing and expounding on things, taking sides, and then changing perspectives.

There are many ways to see the world. Choose which theory suits you best.

Weber, Durkheim, Marx, et al… take your pick. Each school of thought has its own take on the world.

Jurgen Habermas believed in what he calls as Communicative Reason. That although Marx’ insists on his Conflict theory, on the struggle of different classes in society, issues could always be resolved through a dialogue.

And I beg to oppose. Although a dialogue is a very diplomatic, subdued way of resolving conflicts, it also tends to bring up more issues and misunderstandings among parties.

The more adamant we are at getting our message across, the more we get misunderstood. And the dialogue ends up in more confusion, ignites more angst, until it finally reaches dead silence.

So it reminds me of one of the most distinct wars in history, the Cold War. When both sides refused to engage in a dialogue and threatens each other by silences. Each aware of their opponent’s capabilities to destroy and devastate in a so sudden manner, without warnings, without signals.

Without warnings, without signals.

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