Because I’ll Live Happily Ever After

It felt like a long a very long time since I had an unobstructed view of the world. As I contemplate on things passed, I begin to see things that I missed and kept missing because I refuse to understand – because I refuse to listen.

There are many things that I should be grateful for, and that includes the unlimited chances I am given in this life to correct my mistakes and make amends.

For the past years, I lost all sense of self, believing that I cannot survive the cruelty of the reality because I was well-sheltered for the whole of my existence. But now, looking back, I am not as fragile as I seem to be. I had my own share of trials that I went through, some of them I cannot even believe I survived.

There is not much that I accomplished during the past two years but I am proud of them. There are people who may resent me for getting all the good stuff when they see that I am not working hard enough to deserve such accomplishments.

Maybe it’s just good karma.

Maybe I deserve it for not being cruel.

Maybe I am striving enough to get a little credit.

And I refuse to get stuck in someone else’s messed-up melodramatic world because I will live happily ever after.


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