Cavas Torello



Paco dela Rosa Torello, a cava wine maker, came to visit Txanton last Oct. 27. His mission: to train our palates to sophistication with his fine range of wines. Born in Barcelona, Spain, the father of three came from the Torello Family Winery tradition. At present, the Torello family owns around 8 to 9 hectares of vineyards, the products of which are 100% organic and natural, carefully harvested and processed by human hands and not by machines.


Torello 225

During the wine training, we tried out the full-bodied Torello 225 Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2010. Despite its very, very dry taste, it was the easiest todrink. The name was derived from the cava being fermented and aged in 225-liter barrels.


Torello 2010 Special Edition


We also tried the Cava Torello 2010 Special Edition, which had a pure and bright hint of lime. The persistent bubbles and velvety texture made the cava a fine wine to drink.



Gran Crysalis 2012

The third one was Gran Crysalis 2012, a white wine composed of 50% chardonnay. With just a sip or two, one can taste a hint of bananas, honey, and pears—like magic in your mouth.


Pal-lid Brut reserva


Apart from the wines that we tried during the training, Paco also showed us the Torello Pal-lid Brut Reserva, which he said was made from Macabeo and Pinot Noir varieties, and had a subtle aroma of red fruits and flowers. We were not able to try it, but just by looking at the wine bottle, it gives one an impression of how smooth and sweet the wine must be.


Torello by Custo 3D

Among all wines that Paco told us about, the Torello by Custo 3D-Barcelona Brut Gran Reserva 2008 caughtour attention because of its bottle’s intricate and colorful design. The wine was named after famous fashion designer Custo Dalmau, who repaid the tribute by designing the wine’s bottle with a glamorous Mardi Gras lady nestled among colorful flowers and glistening diamonds. This was meant to represent the life inside the bottle— dreamy, surreal, and most of all, sophisticated.


To know more about their wide range of cavas, you can visit their website at: or like their Facebook page at:


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