About the Author

“I don’t like to commit myself about heaven and hell – you see, I have friends in both places.” – Mark Twain

Hi there.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I bet you are wondering about what I really do. Well, I am a bit of all these:

Marketing/PR and Columnist by profession: I studied AB-Asian Studies from University of Santo Tomas. I’ve been working in the corporate world since 2008. I’m currently working in a retail industry with the famous wine and jamon place in the countryHuge paradigm shift, right? To know more about my professional profile, check out my LinkedIn profile.

An outdoor enthusiast: I love the outdoors! I love adventures! Name it… If I’m not in the city on a weekend, blame it on my wanderlust-kinda-character. I go trekking/hiking every weekends that count. I enjoy traveling near or far so long as I get to tick off stuff from my bucket list. I am also a coordinator/part-owner of Lantuag Outdoors, and as such I help in catering travel events– weekend hikes or mountain climbing, family and company getaways, beach trips…name it!

An artist by heart: My great imagination has allowed me to dedicate my past-time into crocheted arts, doodles or etches, hand crafts, and scrap-booking. Spontaneous arts and inklings offer me a reflection of my inner world which helps me express, release, see, and heal myself. It provides a deep, cathartic creative process and facilitates the self-mirroring of my inner life. For me, it serves as a therapy and also as an honest self-exploration. Feel free to check-out my colorful world on this Art-folio as well as my personally-made handcrafts here: Tindaraga Arts & Crafts (Facebook) | @tindaraga (Instagram).

A mother: I am a single mom of an awesome lil rascal rockstar, Seth. I work for his sake and he’s the best thing I ever have.

Blogger: I write and I blog because this way I can immortalize my experiences and all the significant things that transpired in my life.

A music-lover: I play the piano but not as good as how I used to be when I was 11. I love music of different genres such as: reggae, metal, progressive metal, underground, rock, and just anything as long as it suits my mood.

A swimmer by heart: Dive, glide, and stride. Yes, I was a swimmer and I still am. I’ve been an athlete since I was 9 and I thank those who have inspired me to become one.

A foodie by nature: I love to eat most especially when I am craving for something. If I am not able to buy what I wanted, I google the recipe and cook. Yes, that’s how I love food! I am rarely picky. I just don’t like eating liver, gizzard, “dugo,” and the likes…but hey! I eat isaw.–I want one that’s crispy. I love strawberries too! Name every dessert that’s made of strawberries and you’ll find me drooling. Oh now I am hungry and lookin’ for something to munch. Who cares about diet, anyway?

I am Faith (or call me Tin), wishing to share and inspire great people just like you.

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