About the Author

“I don’t like to commit myself about heaven and hell – you see, I have friends in both places.” – Mark Twain

Hi there.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I bet you are wondering about what I really do. Well, I am a bit of all these:

Business Development Officer/Project Head: I studied AB-Asian Studies from University of Santo Tomas. I have been working in the corporate world since 2008, but I will just highlight two of the career paths that I had and I currently have. In 2015, I worked in the marketing department of a well-established high-end jamoneria and cellar at Txanton Torre Wine and Olive Oil Co., Inc., an Aboitiz group of companies. Being one of the pioneer employees who directly reports to our General Manager, I learned a lot about Branding Management, Web Design, Editorials, Graphics, and a whole lot more. I have also established a company website using WIX wherein it gave me the opportunity to enhance my skills more in terms of graphics and editorials.

Having to work with a company ran by Spanish nationals, I believe that this contributed to my personal development and served as a bridge between cultural and traditional differences.

Currently, I work as a Business Development Head at Comworks, Inc., an information communications technology company that provides products and solutions for corporate, home, SME and consumer markets served through its divisions and extensive distribution network. I am responsible for supporting business ideas and business development prospects through research, building corporate relations with potential partners, as well as managing and communication business development projects across the organization.

Huge paradigm shift, right? To know more about my professional profile, check out my LinkedIn profile.

An outdoor enthusiast: I love the outdoors! I love adventures! Name it… If I’m not in the city on a weekend, blame it on my wanderlust-kinda-character. I go trekking/hiking every weekends that count. I enjoy traveling near or far so long as I get to tick off stuff from my bucket list. I am also a coordinator/part-owner of Lantuag Outdoors, and as such I help in catering travel events– weekend hikes or mountain climbing, family and company getaways, beach trips…name it!

An artist by heart: My great imagination has allowed me to dedicate my past-time into crocheted arts, doodles or etches, hand crafts, and scrap-booking. Spontaneous arts and inklings offer me a reflection of my inner world which helps me express, release, see, and heal myself. It provides a deep, cathartic creative process and facilitates the self-mirroring of my inner life. For me, it serves as a therapy and also as an honest self-exploration. Feel free to check-out my colorful world on this Art-folio as well as my personally-made handcrafts here: Tindaraga Arts & Crafts (Facebook) | @tindaraga (Instagram).

A mother: I am a single mom of an awesome lil rascal rockstar, Seth. I work for his sake and he’s the best thing I ever have.

Blogger: I write and I blog because this way I can immortalize my experiences and all the significant things that transpired in my life.

A music-lover: I play the piano but not as good as how I used to be when I was 11.  Late last year, I learned to play the ukulele too. I love music of different genres such as: reggae, metal, progressive metal, underground, rock, and just anything as long as it suits my mood.

A swimmer by heart: Dive, glide, and stride. Yes, I was a swimmer and I still am. I’ve been an athlete since I was 9 and I thank those who have inspired me to become one.

A foodie by nature: I love to eat most especially when I am craving for something. If I am not able to buy what I wanted, I google the recipe and cook. Yes, that’s how I love food! I am rarely picky. I just don’t like eating liver, gizzard, “dugo,” and the likes…but hey! I eat isaw.–I want one that’s crispy. I love strawberries too! Name every dessert that’s made of strawberries and you’ll find me drooling. Oh now I am hungry and lookin’ for something to munch. Who cares about diet, anyway?

I am Faith (or call me Tin), wishing to share and inspire great people just like you.

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