Stranded on a Stormy Episode — RUSTY

That is my perfect description of my writing skills now. How long had it been since I last sat down and express myself through something creative?

I missed this part of the process, when I am beginning to suck my thumb like a little girl again when it suddenly struck me that I am stranded at the exact same part of the story where I decided to stop a few years back.

Not that I never attempted to get back to it. But it just gets frustrating when I really thought I now have found a different perspective to get past this part of the story I am writing.

Apparently, I now find myself in the very same spot. Same punctuation point. Same freaking episode of a stormy day. I need to give an ending to this soon. But I am missing characters and scenes.

It feels as though there is something blocking my imagination, that if only I get to see through it then everything would flow out smoothly – the words and all…

I am feeling a rush. I need to get the rest of the story out of me.