A Page of Good Thoughts



  1. After years of waiting, I finally got the necklace last Saturday that mom told me about.
  2. Pre-valentine’s movie-ice cream-pizza-junk food-kinda date.
  3. Letting myself load up on junk food and sweets last Sunday afternoon after doing the chores and while my dearest wasn’t around. My future six pack abs will have to wait a little longer.
  4. Not caring about  my diet or getting fat no matter how often I eat chocos and ice cream. Well, not worried at all. 😉
  5. Quick summer getaways with my favorite group of friends. Refreshing.
  6. A little rain during the night.
  7. Misunderstandings with friends which resulted in new beginnings and stronger relationships.
  8. A new game app to play with.
  9. Learning to appreciate and love my job despite the heavy workload. I guess it’s the people and free food (sometimes). Hah.
  10. My sweet Seth who greeted me during Valentine’s day and told me how much he misses me.
  11. Munching on 2 buns of pan de ube for a midnight snack.
  12. A glass of ice cold water and ice cream.
  13. Movie marathons before hittin’ the sack.
  14. Sleeping for more than 7 hours before the clock ticks 5:30am on a Monday. Ahhh, sleep’s indeed a luxury for me.