Dear Future Boyfriend

I’ve always dreamed of writing my own letter to my future boyfriend. Perhaps my not-so-intentional random thoughts pushed me to write down my sentiments for him. So here it goes…

Dear Hun/Sweet/Love/Baby/and other odd names that I may call you,

First off, I might annoy you on calling you crazy and out-of-this-world names but do understand that it is my way of showing you my affection. Do not hesitate to tell me if I’m way too far.

Secondly, remember that when I commit myself to you, I chose to embrace all my fears of being hurt and having a crushed heart, but hey, it is you. And I think it would be worth it when (under unavoidable circumstances) you will hurt me. Remember, I opted to be in this relationship and I will be willing to listen to your reasons and understand you since I want to make this work.

Third, I do not know how to become your dream girlfriend but I would at least try to be a really good one. I will cook for you, will be sweeter, will be a better person for you and I am looking forward to learn new things with you… and with US.

Fourth, I believe that having a partner is seriously having a partner in everything you do. We are a tag team here, so please be aware that whenever you need an opponent for a throw-pillow-fight, a navigator when you drive, a stylist for your business meetings and other things, I hope I will be the first one you’ll call.

Fifth, I know you have your own thing and I also have mine but in the end, it is still with you whom I want to share the significant things that happened in my life. I want to share how many sets of lapses I did on my swimming workout or how i was so giddy-happy preparing for your favorite dish for dinner. I want to share with you how did my challenging work go and how did I perform well. I want you to be the first person who will hear those stories and I hope you do the same with yours. I will be looking forward to your stories everyday and even before we sleep at night.

Finally, I know I have been single for a year or so and still counting because I only wanted a REAL RELATIONSHIP, and now that I found you, I can’t promise that I will let you go just like that since I have waited and prayed for this so long.

And I said these three words only to my family and friends, and now I want to say it to you…